Yuri Kagan Comedy

Yuri Kagan is a nice Jewish boy or at least that's what it says on the JDate profile his mother created for him.  He grew up in San Diego where he learned that while other people tan, he ignites. He moved to San Francisco to get a degree in bad habits and telling jokes. Yuri is a dry-humor, observational, dead-pan comedian who talks about growing up with an entire family from the Soviet Union without holding anything back.  He has been profiled in SFWeekly and the Vallejo Daily Republic.  He has also performed in SF Sketchiest 20014&16, on Comedytime.tv, corporate events, comedy clubs all over the country on any stage that will let him.  He is a contributor to Queerty.com along with Savage Henry Magazine.  Yuri also received much acclaim for his blog and new book "Vodka and Limelight." Now available in both print and on Amazon kindle!

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